P.S. (& Co.) I Love You

This weekend I had the privilege of eating brunch at P.S. & Co. in Philadelphia.  Since it can be challenging to find a delicious and safe gluten-free meal, I have gotten used to looking up restaurant menus and planning my meal ahead of time. Trust me, this time was no different. I literally analyzed the menu days before we actually went to brunch to figure out what I was going to eat. But once we arrived and I looked over the menu for maybe the eighth time this week, I was conflicted with what to order. Not because there were limited gluten-free options, but because everything on the brunch menu was gluten free and I seriously wanted to try all of it!

I was torn between the avocado toast on GF millet bread or the quinoa chocolate chip pancakes. Oh, but there was also the amaranth porridge topped with pineapple puree and caramelized pecans. Umm, how could I possibly decide, right?! And then our waitress told us about the weekend specials, and I was even more confused. I finally made a decision and went with the Gluten-Free Brioche French Toast special, which was topped with baked apples and a vegan whipped cream. I was not disappointed! It was sweet, moist, and flavorful. Although the portion size seemed a little small for the price, it was surprisingly filling, especially since I paired it with a smoothie.

And not just any smoothie…an incredibly delicious Avocado & Kale Superfood Smoothie. This smoothie was made with love and packed with avocado, kale, spinach, lime, cashews, vanilla, banana, and Brazil nut milk. Yes, it tasted as good as it sounds.


Everything on the brunch menu was gluten free, and the waitress assured me that the entire restaurant is actually gluten free. I did notice on the restaurant’s website that there was a statement about how they plan to expand their menu to include handmade pastas and breads, which may be made with heirloom wheat (translation: NOT gluten free). This is kind of a bummer; however, their current menu appears to be 100% gluten free.  I should also mention that the entire menu is 100% organic and plant-based (vegan). Score.

If you’re local to Philadelphia or just happen to be visiting the City of Brotherly Love, I definitely recommend checking out this restaurant!



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